One where we strengthen the foundation

Empowering educators to create transformative preschools

Uttarang 1.0 aimed at placing community members in leadership roles in Early education. With Uttarang 2.0 our mission is to build the capacity of existing leaders of preschools to continuously innovate, improve and expand their preschools such that every child can get quality early education at their doorstep. We aim to achieve this by enabling project-based learning and co-creating gender-sensitive classrooms and schools. We aim that every Uttarang preschool provides quality project-based learning, and fosters an environment that is gender–sensitive and child-friendly.


We trained 5 preschool educators with a comprehensive ECE curriculum, holistic calendar, interactive infrastructure, and planning. All 5 leaders highly recommended our training. 80 principals, preschool teachers, and educators attended The Gulistaan series that shared best practices for preschools. Leaders highly recommended the training to others and 60 leaders attended all 5 Gulistan sessions over 3 months. Uttarang 2.0 will provide monthly workshops and coaching to school principals and teachers to deliver a high-quality preschool education program.