School Transformation through Empowering Educational Leadership - STEEL

One where we build systemic leadership

Scaling School Leader Development for Impact

We partner with state governments and social purpose organizations to enable school leader development at scale. Our work is rooted in creating autonomy for educators through collective action. At scale, we aim to build the capacity of key stakeholders (District & Block Education Officers, Key Resource Persons, and School Principals) such that the schools they lead achieve foundational literacy and numeracy, provide an equitable education, and build 21st-century skills for children through co-curricular development. In 2022, we began working with the Uttar Pradesh government in partnership with Mantra4Change in order to achieve the goals of the Nipun Bharat mission. We further partnered with Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan SCERT to implement Vidya Amrit Mahotsav. By 2025, we aim to impact 3 lakh+ education leaders through state and NGO partnerships.

Program Footprints:

Uttar Pradesh: School Leadership Development Program in collaboration with Mantra4Change Partnerships with Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh SCERT


1.5 lacs+ school leaders trained in Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Mantra4Change. Established a partnership with NCERT in collaboration with ShikshaLokam to strategize and implement the festival of micro-innovations, Vidya Amrit Mahotsav 2022.