Meaningful Education

One which brings our vision to life

Every child thinking, feeling, dreaming, and thriving

According to UNESCO, only 19% of Indian students possess the skills to secure 21st-century jobs. Meaningful Education is a pathway that enables students to build and showcase their creativity and 21st-century skills through our national platform, Junoon, and our flagship sports coaching program, The Right Pitch (TRP).


Junoon impacted 4000+ students in 10 states in the past 3 years by providing opportunities for career exploration and creative arts learning. In the words of a Barefoot School Leader, “Junoon helped unlock the hidden potential of our students and discover skills that we never knew existed, ultimately transforming our school and empowering our students to reach new heights.”
After a 2-year break due to the pandemic, TRP returned stronger. 800+ students received 65+ cricket coaching lessons and showcased skills at the TRP tournament. 130 trained girls watched Women's Premier League Match in Mumbai's International Stadium, inspiring and motivating them for a future in cricket.