One who unfolds the path

An entrepreneurial perspective to school leadership

India has one leadership training institute for 1.5 million Principals, and a national survey found no leadership-focused training completed in 10 states. Indian school leaders' skills are lower than peers in 7 countries. School Principals in India lack access to professional development and contextual resources, leading to ineffective school management.
One single person can drive school improvement significantly more than others—the school principal & increases student learning by 30%. The future of 250 million Indian students is in the hands of school principals who lack access to relevant professional development. We coach principals to become effective CEOs and Entrepreneurs so that they can use limited resources more effectively and improve both education and their school as a whole. This is done through fortnightly coaching, monthly webinars and bimonthly peer-learning circles. A Rehnuma Coach guides Principals to apply workshop learnings to school transformation projects of their choice using their local knowledge and skill sets.
In a survey conducted with 74 principals across India, nearly all found Rehnuma interventions to be practical & relevant to their context. 90% believed that their team had the capacity to implement them & 61% intended to implement between 5-10 such practices within their school.
UNESCO recognized the potential of our work by publishing a chapter on Rehnuma in their book Building Back Better Futures in 2021 as an intervention that could shape the future of education globally.

Program Footprints:

  • Cohort 1 (2021-23): 5 principals from Mumbai
  • Cohort 2 (2022-24): 12 principals from 6 cities
  • Cohort 3 (2023-25): 15 principals from 3 cities


100% of our school leaders shared that they will recommend Rehnuma to other principals. 75% school leaders reported an increase in confidence to lead their schools after participating in Rehnuma.
Hear from a Rehnuma School Principal: “It’s not just a training program for teachers, but it focuses on the development of the schools as a whole. I feel like it has covered all the aspects of the schools' management and all the stakeholders as well. Rehnuma is like a friend to me.” Mizga Shaikh, Principal, Zeal English High School