Low fee private schools are able to achieve similar, if not better outcomes than government schools at 1/3rd the cost. In their attempt to deliver quality education, they face a number of challenges ranging from erratic fee payment and insufficient resources to teacher attrition and lack of access to quality training. In wake of COVID 19, these schools are hit with a new wave of challenges- how to survive a financial crisis when parent income is affected, how to teach children in the absence of technology, how to maintain physical distancing norms in small classrooms, how to support community livelihood creation; the list is endless. Principals and School leaders are now required to be social entrepreneurs running the most complex organisations: SCHOOLS!
Rehnuma is an incubator for extremely motivated school leaders looking to provide the highest quality of education to their under-resourced communities; despite the challenges.

How will you grow?

  • Skills: Entrepreneurship, School Administration, Financial Management
  • Access to Resources
  • Annual School Plan
  • Access to Networks (Volunteers, NGOs, conferences)
  • Media visibility

What we offer?

  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • On Site Support and Check-in calls
  • School assessment and development
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Events (pitching, networking, conferences, exposure visits)

Who can apply:

  • School Leaders (Principals and Trustees) of Low-fee private schools
  • Serving under resourced communities Located in Urban Maharashtra

Selection Process:

  • Expression of interest
  • Application form
  • Telephonic interview
  • Video interview
  • 1.    Expression of interest
  • 2.    Application form
  • 3.    Telephonic interview
  • 4.    Video interview
Application closes on 30th June! Click here to apply