• School improvement requires
    holistic solutions

  • Through our programs,
    we learn, co-create,
    and scale

  • Education is too vast for a singular
    perspective- collaboration is essential
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250 million Indian children lack the skills to thrive. 1.5M principals lack innovation skills, leading to poor education, archaic systems, and financial instability. Without urgent change, it will take almost a century to catch up with rich countries.
We do not have a hundred years!

Barefoot Edu Foundation aims to create a movement of empowered educators who make education meaningful for children, now!!! Join in our mission to build Educational Leaders #ForThe21stCentury.

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1.37 lac +

Leaders created

3000 +

Engaged directly through our leadership platforms

75 +

Initiatives started collaboratively

About Us

Who We Are?

Barefoot Edu Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to transforming schools into stimulating learning environments, contextualised for under-resourced communities. We do this by building the leadership capacity of principals, teachers, and students so that their voice, values, and goals shape education at the grassroots. With our support, they lead change and rapidly improve education and their school as a whole.

Our Vision

Every child has a strong foundation to think, feel, dream, and thrive.

Our Values

  • Trust

    Trust engenders trust

  • Commitment

    To words, actions and people

  • Openness

    The situations on ground will challenge your core values multiple times and mould you as person. Any change, mistake or obstacle, no matter the magnitude, can be overcome or circumvented through open conversation. You have our unconditional support.

  • Common ground

    Different perspectives are key to inclusive interventions but fundamentalism brings work to a standstill. Find common ground to get the job done

  • Open Communication

    We foster an environment for oneself, team members, seniors and stakeholders where ideas, challenges, feedback and expectations can be shared freely and respectfully Inter Dependence: We operate from a place of trust (not doubt) in each other. We build trust by sharing and inquiring. We create a two way street of trust with the intention of trusting and the expectation of being trusted upon Taking Ownership: We take responsibility for our commitments, we value the opportunities presented to us professionally and personally. We own up to our work, our achievements, our decisions and also to our mistakes. Sense of Possibility: We set bold, ambitious goals and expectations in order to meet our vision. We approach our work and new ideas with openness and optimism. We strive towards setting and achieving high standards for ourselves. We commit to add value to any work that we perform. Diversity & Inclusion: We respect diverse ideas, mindsets, people and contexts. We strive towards understanding this diversity and engage with it. We strive to make the organisation an inclusive space where people feel safe to express this diversity. We carry this respect for diversity to our stakeholders.


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