• Help children learn

  • Starting at level zero-
    Early Childhood

  • Donate to create safe and
    fun learning spaces for children

  • Education is too vast
    for a singular perspective-
    collaboration is essential

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Role of Gram Panchayat in Child Development

Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt of India

About Barefoot Edu Foundatio . . .

Barefoot Edu Foundation is a grassroots organisation founded by two Young India Fellows- Saumya [https://www.linkedin.com/in/saumya-aggarwal-barefoot/] and Jonathan [https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfrankmendonca/]- who trust in the potential of . . .

Loving Our Kids Intentionall . . .

Over two weeks into the lockdown, my usually sunny dispositioned child had continued to have that joyful attitude despite not being able to get outside or see his grandparents or friends. When asked by one of my friends over the phone if he was bored . . .


About Us

Who We Are?

BEF is founded by two Young India Fellows who trust in the potential of people. We are committed to empowering society by nurturing child development through capacity building, improving educational systems, and creating stimulating infrastructure.

Our Vision

Every child has the foundation to think, feel, and dream!
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Our Values

  • Trust

    Trust engenders trust

  • Commitment

    To words, actions and people

  • Openness

    The situations on ground will challenge your core values multiple times and mould you as person. Any change, mistake or obstacle, no matter the magnitude, can be overcome or circumvented through open conversation. You have our unconditional support.

  • Common ground

    Different perspectives are key to inclusive interventions but fundamentalism brings work to a standstill. Find common ground to get the job done

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