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Our Adopted Schools

In India, ineffective school management, poor teaching and learning, and lack of innovation stem from teachers' and principals' inadequate knowledge and skills. Reports show that children leaving preschools acquire less than 50% of required skills, and up to 72.8% of grade 3 students cannot perform basic tasks, hindering their success.
Piecemeal solutions are often inadequate to make a lasting meaningful change. Lantern is our whole school transformation program where we build the leadership capacity across 3 key school stakeholders: principal, teachers and students for low fee schools located in slum communities in Mumbai. We handhold low fee private schools through a journey of school transformation across 5 domains of school development: leadership & management, teaching & learning, curriculum and assessments, community and partnerships, and student leadership. We actively support implementation by working directly with teachers and principals, partners, and funders and through weekly visits, classroom observations, feedback and training across the 5 domains of school development. Our aim is for our Lantern schools to be the hubs of innovation across all levels of education such that principals, teachers and students alike are knowledge seekers and knowledge creators.


80% of our schools have established a school leadership team that continuously innovates on how 21st-century learning can be brought to the school. On a quarterly basis, a significant majority of the school leaders, changemakers and teachers have given a high rating to the program for its effectiveness.
Hear from a Lantern School Leader: "I like how there is a professional development plan for my teachers which includes very innovative and ready to apply training for them, and also focuses on the social and emotional well-being of the teachers. I feel my teachers are more skilled, motivated and mindful. I also appreciate the efforts to make a detailed annual development plan for the school and the availability of Subhankar Sir round the clock for implementation of the Plan.” - Farid Shaikh, Principal, Gurukul English High School and Junior College