about us

BEF is founded by three educationalists who trust in the potential of people. At BEF, we are committed to empowering society by nurturing child development through capacity building, improving educational systems, and creating stimulating infrastructure.

Our Vision

Every child has the Foundation to Think, Feel and Dream

Our Mission

To improve the focus on and quality of early childhood education in preschools

Our Philosophy

‘Barefoot’ also invokes a certain kind of empathy which makes one more sensitive to the ground that we trample on

Our Team

Jonathan Mendonca

Cofounder & Director Strategy

Saumya Aggarwal

Cofounder & Director Program Design

Subhankar Paul

Cofounder & Director Operations

Aditi Bhargava

Program Manager, Jaipur

Prahlad Chakma

Program Manager, Mumbai

Sangita Bissa

Program Manager, Training and Design

Sana Shaik

Program Officer, Mumbai

Poonam Sharma

Program Officer, Karnal

Vikash Sharma

Program Officer, Karnal