About Barefoot Edu Foundation

Jun 14, 2020

Barefoot Edu Foundation is a grassroots organisation founded by two Young India Fellows- Saumya and Jonathan- who trust in the potential of people. We are committed to empowering society by nurturing child development and believe that one must start at the foundations of learning - Early Childhood Education - in order to build the capacity of students to learn. Children must be empowered with the relevant knowledge, skills and platforms to make the most out of their education.

We believe that piecemeal solutions like teacher training, mentoring, infrastructure development, etc. are independently inadequate to confront the learning crisis but can do wonders when combined. For these improvements to be effective and sustainable, the entire system must transform its methods of functioning. We aim to challenge the status quo through capacity building, community engagement and administrative systems.

Saumya and Jonathan, India Habitat Center

Our Vision

Every child has a strong Foundation to Think, Feel, and Dream

Our Mission

To improve the focus on and quality of early childhood education in preschools

Our Philosophy

‘Barefoot’ also invokes a certain kind of empathy which makes one more sensitive to the ground that we trample on.

We have often been asked why we chose the name Barefoot Edu. It’s exactly what it sounds like, the sensation of kicking off your shoes and feeling free, being more aware and exploring details of the Earth. It embodies our approach to education, which allows children to be unconventional and unrestricted in their quest for knowledge while focusing on details along the way. ‘Barefoot’ also invokes a certain kind of empathy which makes one more sensitive to the ground that we tread upon.

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