Our Services

Capacity building

Barefoot Edu Foundation believes that for any intervention to be truly sustainable, it must be led by the local community from inception. We specialise in creating high-quality training sessions by uniting all key stakeholders under an umbrella vision and collaborating with them to unearth and implement practical solutions. The psychology of learning and change-facilitation is deeply rooted in our capacity building which involves contextually relevant theory, practicals, self-efficacy strengthening projects, and unrestricted fun.

Educational systems

It is independently inadequate to build the capacity of actors if the system is not ready for change. Our interventions follow a two-fold design approach:
1] Design & test administrative systems that facilitate and support positive change
2] Advocate for the adoption of these easily implementable systems.
We restructure systems by visualising what behaviour would be like within these systems. What if a class was graded as a group rather than as individuals? What if assessments focused on assistance rather than accountability?


“When I’m working on a problem, I do not think about beauty. But when I have finished, if it is beautiful, I know it is right” - Buckminster Fuller.
Barefoot Edu Foundation believes that when learning spaces are inviting, children are drawn to such schools and resonate with it as a second home. We blur the boundary between infrastructure and teaching aids by bringing basic infrastructure to life through mathematics, science, and literary concepts. It would be easier to understand how gravity operates on a pendulum if the pendulum was a tyre swing with the child seated in it. Similarly, the environment must be rich in stimulating learning aids to keep children engaged.